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Many times when shopping one can run into a similar theme – “the best” or “the top” are actually this – the items or products that are most advertised rather than actually being the most popular and likely the highest quality around.

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The Top 10 Store provides parents with in-depth ratings, reviews, and buying advice for must-have baby and kids products based on rigorous testing by our moms and educators. We round up the top-rated baby and kid products and create awesome buying guides for must-have kids stuff. We take it a step further that just giving you the list of the top 10 kids products in each category by figuring out who carries this item online and where possible including price comparison and customer reviews. Direct buy links are provided so shopping is made easy and fast for you. Please note that we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Sometimes we get a commission through purchases made through our links. 

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My name is Tonya – I am a mother, a writer online and an extreme toy lover – as well as having a strong love for just about anything “kids.” I created the Top 10 Store website with consumers in mind who are looking for the best of the best for children – whether they are shopping for toys, books or even baby products. I recently handed the reigns over to a passionate team of moms, educators and product gurus and am excited for what they can do to take Top 10 Store to the next level. 


"Top 10" Baby Products

2017 Best Jogger Baby Strollers   For moms and dads who love to jog, what could possibly be better than being able to take the little one(s) along? Jogging strollers – according to (us) joggers – might just the the best invention since the wheel! 🙂 Just as is true with any other type of …

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2017 Best Children’s Board Books   Board books have become one of the most searched-for categories of reading for small children due to the fact that they are generally easier to handle for small hands – also having fun colors, shapes and themes, making reading more fun. About this page: On this page is a …

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Here are the Top 10 Baby Strollers for 2010 – these are the hottest selling strollers with the highest average consumer reviews…

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Top 10" Toys for Kids

2017 Best Kids’ Sandboxes   A true classic among children’s toys…the sandbox! The top ten sandboxes for kids this year are the “best of the best” of these timeless and highly entertaining outdoor toys for kids. What’s Here:  Here on this page are the best kids sandboxes for the spring and summer of 2017, based …

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2017 Best Kids’ Pull Wagons   There is perhaps no more basic and classic toy for kids than a wagon, and the top 10 wagons for kids are a great example of this. These days wagons are just about as practical for entire families as they are fun for kids, coming in quite handy with …


2017 Best Toys for Boys 4 Years of Age   For those young fans of cool vehicles and toys that allow for plenty of creativity and action, the top ten picks in toys for four year old boys this year is sure to please. What’s here: On this page is a list of the ten …


"Top 10" Kids Games & Puzzles

2017 Best Children’s Reading Games   In my humble opinion, anything that makes reading – and even the idea of reading – more fun is a good thing! When reading is approached as something that is enjoyable, a child’s chances for a higher literacy level are greatly increased. With that said, reading games can give …

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2017 Best Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles   Jigsaw puzzles will never go out of style. And for kids, they offer a great way to “flex some mind muscles,” and help along with hand-eye coordination at a young age. What’s here: On this page is a list of the ten best kids’ jigsaw puzzles for the spring …

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Toddler playing with puzzle

2017 Best Puzzles for Toddlers   Puzzles for toddlers play an important role in the world of child development toys – they give little ones a great start in hand-eye coordination, control and also tend to play a part in basic learning skills. One need only watch a little one “negotiating” a puzzle for a …

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"Top 10" Toys for Kids by Age:

LEGO smiley head for age 5

2017 Best LEGO® Sets for 5 Year Old Boys and Girls   Whether you are searching for a favorite LEGO set for a 5 year old girl or boy, there are some wonderful choices to be had! Some already “tried and true” sets, combined with some new releases makes for the perfect list for kids …

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2017 Best Toys for Girls 4 Years of Age   Whether a 4 year old is an adventure seeker, aspiring mommy or just loves to learn and have fun – there are some wonderful choices among what are considered the best toys this year. What’s here: On this page is a list of the ten …

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LEGO smiley head for age 4

2017 Best LEGO® Sets for 4 Year Old Boys and Girls   With the advent of some new additions to the line of LEGO sets for little ones comes some pretty creative playtime ideas for kids (boys and girls) at around 4 years of age. Not strictly adhered to simpler sets, these delightful toys allow …

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"Top 10" Books for Kids

top 10 baby books

2017 Best Books for Babies The first step toward strong reading skills is a love for books and reading in general, and the list of the best books for babies on this page can provide an excellent starting point. Books that are colorful, funny and interesting for little ones can foster a love for books …

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Mom and dad reading to son

2017 Best Books for 2 Year Old Boys and Girls When it comes to nurturing a love of reading with two year olds, it can help to know which books can do the best job at entertaining and holding interest. (Reading with little ones is the perfect start to a lifelong love of books!) 🙂 …

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2017 Best Books for 10 Year Old Children   The top 10 books for 10 year olds are an impressive lineup – it seems that children at this age tend to stretch their imaginations, taking a leap from “little kids books” into brand new worlds of creativity and adventure. What’s here: On this page are …

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