How We Do It

Question MarkHow We Do It – How Top 10 Store Lists are Created:

Step 1: Find out the websites that are most frequented for any given category of product.

Step 2: From those websites, get a long list of the top selling items for that category.

Step 3: From that list of top sellers, zero in on the items with a higher consumer rating than the rest.

Step 4: Pick the Top 10 Items from that list and add them to our store.


1.  We do not always personally test or review these items.

2.  We value consumer opinions higher than any others – even from the “experts” in the area.

3.  Due to the fact that we value the consumers’ opinions the highest, we do not rely on other resources to provide quality or other information.

How to access reviews?

Reviews can be accessed from this website.  The way to get to them is simply to click on any listing or “Get More Information” link for the item.  Reviews are accessible from product pages for that item.  (The exception to this rule is on eBay items – generally you will not find reviews for an item from an eBay listing except to read information and the opinion of the seller.)